Unveiling Our Seamless Design And Construction Process by Eco-Arch Consultants Inc. in Brampton

Unveiling Our Seamless Design and Construction Process

Unveiling Our Seamless Design And Construction Process by Eco-Arch Consultants Inc. in Brampton

Unveiling Our Seamless Design and Construction Process

Preliminary Design Services in Brampton, Ontario by Eco-Arch Consultants Inc.

Preliminary Design

This step involves the initial design consultation with clients to understand their complete requirements for the project. We gather complete information on the design brief, which includes functional space requirements, budget & schedule timelines of the project. The site analysis is conducted, which consists of an investigation of various site parameters like orientation, sun angles, site topography, site context, the impact of neighboring buildings, and soil investigation. The zoning requirements are determined, including minimum setbacks, height restrictions, and Floor Area Ratio. Also, any other regulatory parameters which apply to the site are determined.

Schematic Design

In the schematic design stage, the project's key issues are discussed with the client, including a series of conceptual layouts based on the functional program. We investigate different types of materials, systems & contractual methods based on the client's objectives. Detailed site information gets obtained, which includes the location of utilities, sub-surface investigation reports, and site contours. We conduct our due diligence on the client's budget to ensure the proposed solutions meet all functional requirements. Also, other consultants, like mechanical consultants, electrical design consultants, and structural consultants, are finalized as the early involvement of these consultants helps in obtaining the synthesis of building elements that can lead to reduced capital costs and improved building performance.

Schematic Design Services for improving building performance by Eco-Arch Consultants Inc.
Design Development Stage to achieve maximum design efficiency by Eco-Arch Consultants Inc.

Design Development

In the Design Development stage, the selected Layout & scope is further detailed. The design concepts are demonstrated to the client through drawings which includes site plan, floor plans, sections elevations & 3d models. At this stage, we bring our technical consultants on board for their input into the project to achieve maximum design efficiency. The project schedule and construction cost estimate are further detailed to ensure the efficacy of the design within the client's budget.

Construction Documents and Permit & Approval Process

During this stage, the preparation of working drawings begins after the client obtains the final sign-off on the design. The detailed finishes schedules, construction permit details, and coordination of consultant's drawings are performed, and a building permit & construction drawing set gets created during this process. We assist all our clients in the building permit application and any other regulatory approvals required for the project, including but not limited to the following:

  • Acquisition of Building Permit.
  • Acquisition of Subdivision or Site Plan approval.
  • Acquisition of lot severance.
  • Representation at Pre-Consultation meeting ; Committee of Adjustment.
  • Acquisition of any other approvals required by the Authority having Jurisdiction.
Construction Documents And Permit, Approval Process by Eco-Arch Consultants Inc.
Construction Procurement and Contract Administration by Eco-Arch Consultants Inc.

Construction Procurement & Contract Administration

We provide complete contract administration services to our clients, which include the preparation of tender documents, selection of subtrades for the various scope packages, review of shop drawings, samples & RFIs, Complete change order management, certificates of payments, and complete coordination with clients contractor for the successful execution of the project at the site.

We also offer comprehensive Construction Management services, which enable us to gain effective control of the complete design & construction process. Our exclusive focus on interior architecture and our expertise in achieving truly sustainable & energized environments provide our clients with complete value for their money, achieved through enormous savings over the lifecycle of the buildings.